What To Do When He Doesn’t Pay Attention To You

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Paying attention to each other is the most important thing in every relationship. When your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t pay attention to you, the pain is very real. It feels like they aren’t interested in you or they don’t value the time they have with you.

Reasons behind this behavior can vary a lot. Sometimes it’s just stress and they really don’t have time to spend time with you. Other times, they have a full plate and when they get home, they just want to sleep. In my experience, voicing a worry ends better than letting the issue fester. When issues fester, they become hailstorms that can bring down any relationship, from summer crushes to marriages. If you’re feeling ignored by your significant other, speak to them about it. Chances are, they don’t notice how much they’re avoiding you. However, sometimes the root of their lack of attention towards you can go deeper than simply not having the time.

You could feel that time spent with you should at the top of his list of priorities. This perspective largely varies, as it depends on the type of person he is. If you knew he was a workaholic, or can get invested in a project for months at a time, you shouldn’t worry. Conversely, if he seems to have a lot of free time, but still ignores you; there’s a problem. The issue could stem from a fight that wasn’t resolved. I know I’ve done things that completely aggravates my significant other, and he won’t tell me about it because he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings. This is where communication comes in.

You can ask him if you did anything that upset him. Sometimes, you aren’t the issue at all. Sometimes, he can get distracted by a bad event that he doesn’t want to talk about. It isn’t easy for men to express their feelings since it isn’t seen as “manly”. Trying to coax this out of him will only aggravate the situation and he may become irritable. If asking him about his tendency to not pay attention to you only makes him tense, lay off the subject for a while. If the situation becomes worse, like the behavior continuing for more than a day or a week, begin to take more active steps to let him know that you’re worried.

Pay attention to him

One thing that could be distracting him could be social media. We’re so tied to our phones that the digital world sucks us in without ever letting us go. Do activities where you leave the phone out of it. For instance, go on a date or binge watch Netflix with your phones off and placed in a different room. If he seems addicted to a certain activity, like video games, try to take an interest in it. If not, ask him to cut down on video game time so the two of you could spend more time with each other.

In the end, his reason for not giving you the attention you deserve may not be anything big. He could simply be distracted.



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