Busy Life, Neglected Partner: How To Prevent It?

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“We don’t find time for each other anymore because of our busy lifestyle”

This is a sentence I’ve heard so many times from my friends. I can definitely relate to the many situations that I have seen other couples face when it comes to time management. When people are in a relationship and they are always busy. They start to find that they have less and less time that they can spend together. I had started to see that this was becoming a problem in my relationship. We literally had no time for each other with the exception of very brief talks about trivial daily issues and this was creating a stressful environment between us.

This is a “drip” problem

The biggest problem with time issues and relationships is that this creates a very slow drip type of problem. This means that the tension, the stress, and the distance will start to grow so slowly that they will be unnoticeable until things get bad. This is the kind of problem that causes serious issues in many relationships because it can lead to trust issues, paranoia, and cheating.

The busy lifestyle factor

The truth is that we are now counting the minutes of each day instead of the hours just to get things done efficiently. This is definitely a problem that is making it harder for relationships to last and to for both people to feel happy and loved. I started feeling like I was growing apart from my partner and the feeling was mutual, we both cared for each other, but we knew that things would not be good if we continued to live this way.
Our schedules and busy lifestyle made things very difficult and we always felt stressed out and exhausted after work. We had no time for each other anymore and our communication was taking a serious hit because of this. We needed to be able to find the right way to handle this and we decided to change some important things that helped us overcome this problem.

Create a schedule and stick to it

Any extracurricular activities that you do besides your work schedule should be noted and placed in a separate schedule. You should think of ways to match some of those activities on your personal schedules in order to see if it would be possible for you to engage in those activities with your partner. The important thing is for both of you to have at least an hour of interaction daily and to talk about things unrelated to your jobs.

Your day off is the answer

You probably have one day off from work each week at the very least, and if you don’t, you really need to consider getting a new job. Having no weekly break is going to burn you out quickly. The idea is for you to take that one day off and make sure that you allow yourself as much of that day for you and your partner.

Exercise together

Exercise is an essential part of our lives and it allows us to maintain our mental and physical health. Make time to exercise together each morning. A twenty minute run in the morning is a great way to start the day and it will help you bond too. Just follow this advice and I assure you it will help your relationship tremendously just like it did mine.

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