We Need To Spice Up Our Relationship Because It Is Just A Routine

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We Need To Spice Up Our Relationship Because It Is Just A Routine

My husband and I have been married for a little over ten years. We got married two years after we started our relationship and we never thought we’d run into the issue of boredom. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we still know where everything goes, but we’re content in our roles. Everyday it’s the same, we get the kids up, go to work, I get dinner ready, spend an hour or two together before it’s time to put the kids to sleep then go to sleep ourselves. Every other week we have a date night to make sure we spend time out of the house together, and we have regular sex; but it all seems so routine. I wonder how long we can go on like this.

This was part of a letter I got from my best friend. She noticed the routine they were in and asked me about it.  Many of you may be in a similar situation. You still love your partner, like she loves her Henry, but she end up in a week schedule that works. You hit the right notes, but there’s no musicality to it; it’s just there.

They thought about what to do to spice things up. First, they tried getting a babysitter so they could spend more time being intimate. Unfortunately, you don’t always have energy to do such things after working all day. They were never on the same page, sometimes she wanted to do it, and other times he wanted to. So, they tried to kick the kids out the house during the weekend. There was a circus and they asked Henry’s parents to take care of them since they don’t live too far away. They spend the entire day watching Game of Thrones. He’s a European history buff and she is a museum curator, so it led to some pretty interesting discussions. It felt like they were teenagers again, watching Lord of the Rings, discussing how Tolkien used medieval influences in his stories.

In relationship you have to do things you enjoy doing together!

It doesn’t always have to be sex (although sometimes that’s enough), but it needs be something you both have a passion for.

Although their dry spell didn’t last for too long, I had a few ideas for spicing up the relationship if all else failed. My last idea was to do something exhilarating. I know it sounds crazy, but sky diving or just doing something stupidly dangerous, like hang gliding, with one another can be a great bonding experience. I mean just think about it, you’re in each other’s arms, flying hundreds of feet above everything; is there anything more romantic than that? Of course, not everyone is so adventurous (I’m not sure if I would’ve been). So another idea I had was learning something interesting with one another, like surfing or ice skating. The specific activity doesn’t matter, as long as the two of you do it together.

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