He Always Forgets Important Dates

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I know it’s the age old stereotype of men forgetting the important dates that women live the calendar by but it still hurts when it happens in real life. Fair enough, it’s pretty hard to miss Christmas and Valentine’s Day isn’t a ‘real’ holiday anyway but forgetting  important dates like our anniversary has really gotten to me and I’m struggling to forgive him (or even tell him what it is he’s done wrong).

Growing up my mum and dad were always very relaxed about celebrating their anniversary. Every year they’d have an argument about which date it was actually on but it was cute and they were both so passionate about it. To this day I don’t know who remembered the correct date but they both remembered and that’s what matters. They always agreed to celebrate it at the same time and they always did something to remember it. It wasn’t normally much, the clichéd box of chocolates and some flowers, perhaps they’d go for a meal. It still meant a lot.

This year was our fifth anniversary and, for me, that’s a pretty big deal. It’s the longest relationship I’ve ever been in and I’m happier now than I ever even dreamed I could be. But that doesn’t mean I don’t desire something a little more and that little something comes in the form of a partner who cares as much as I do. While it might not be a big deal for him that we’re on anniversary number 5, it matters to me. And that should be enough to make him want to celebrate it – shouldn’t it?

He knows he’s done something wrong because I’ve been off with him all week. I thought that I would let it go but after sitting at home with a meal cooked and candles lit only to receive the ‘gone to the pub’ text it still stings. Does it mean he doesn’t care? No. Does it mean he doesn’t want to be with me? Of course he wants to be with me! Does that make it any easier to deal with? Not in the slightest. The funny thing is that I know when I tell him he’ll make me feel bad for it. ‘You should have said something!’ Maybe I should have said something but maybe I shouldn’t need to.

The solution

I know there are much more important things to deal with out there. I know that he’s been under a ton of stress at work but it’s going to take time to forget this one. I’ll just have to make sure I keep the calendar somewhere more prominent next year and remember to drop a few more hints. I wish there was some kind of an app that could remind him about important dates. Subtlety isn’t always the way to deal with things but I just want to feel special again and I’m sure he’ll get better again. Once isn’t too bad is it?

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