How to Survive Holidays With In-Laws

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If you want to survive holidays with in-laws you have to read this.

The holidays are coming and that always means spending time with the in-laws. Some people like spending time with their in-laws and they get along great. However this isn’t the case for all families.

Some of us find spending time with the in-laws a nightmare. And often we can’t wait for the holidays to be over.
It’s normal that when holidays are approaching we try and tell ourselves this year will be better you will get along with your in-laws better this year. Things can start off good. But once you have been with them for a few hours the mood and atmosphere can change quite quickly.
Sometime when the stress and tension is given time to build up it can cause an explosion that can last for some time and often ends in people walking off in a huff and coarse words being said.

Here are a few tips to help you survive holidays with in-laws.

  1. DON’T OVERREACT: It’s important to brush things off. Don’t take things that are said or done personally. Don’t put up a defence and arc back just brush it off and keep on going. If you take too much to heart it is going to make you feel stressed and depressed. And not to mention angry on your holidays away. You can find some quick and useful tips on how to talk with your in-laws here.
  2. TRY TO ESTABLISH A CONNECTION WITH YOUR IN-LAWS: As much as you might not like it, invite your in-laws to help during the holidays. If you are putting on dinner, then put a suggestion forward for the in-laws to bring a dish they like or ask them to set the table.
  3. JUST RELAX: You need to make them feel comfortable and wanted to allow them to relax more instead of filling with tension because they feel unwanted
  4. TAKE THE INITIATIVE: If your in-laws are putting on dinner perhaps you can bring something along or ask what you can do to help out.
  5. MAKE A SCHEDULE: If you are going to the in-law’s house, make a decision before you go about what time you would like to leave. Have an excuse ready and stick to this agreement.
  6. FIND ALTERNATIVES: If your partner wishes to stay longer at their parents, then it can work to take two cars. And then one can leave earlier if need be. It can also help to get a motel room to stay in rather than staying at the in-laws. Make sure to talk to your partner and discuss about the issues you are having.
By planning your time with the in-laws in advance and have plans and tactics in place. It can make for a more pleasurable time with the in-laws over the holiday season. Let us know if this tips were helpful!

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