Awful Habits That Ruin Your Relationship

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Relationships can be the most challenging and most rewarding aspect of your life, but they need time and dedication to maintain. Achieving a healthy relationship requires both you and your partner to constantly check in, both individually and as a team. There are certain habits that can contribute to the destruction of a relationship that each person should assess and address. Some of these awful habits that ruin your relationship can be changed or even stopped if you reflect on how you can be a better couple. Here is a brief list of some awful habits that could be ruining your relationship and how you can fix them.

Giving the Cold Shoulder

No relationship is perfect, and every relationship is different, but all relationships are dependent on communication. There will be a time when a disagreement will arise, whether it be an important date that was forgotten, or some minor disappointment. The important thing is to control how you respond to these upsetting things and talk it out. Giving the cold shoulder shuts down all communication and doesn’t allow for any resolutions to come about to fix what was said or done. When something comes up that upsets you, resist the urge to close-down, take a breath and come back, open yourself up for some honest communication.

Keeping Score

Keeping score is a game, and it isn’t a game that you should be playing within your relationship, because in the end, nobody wins. Even if it is as simple as, who did the dishes last or who walked the dog, it’s an awful habit that needs to be broken. Instead of focusing on the negative things, try to focus on the positives, like what little thing did your partner do to brighten your day? Then tell them, tell them how you appreciated what they did and what it meant to you.

Taking Someone for Granted

After the honeymoon phase is over, relationships tend to fall into a routine, and you can begin to take your partner for granted. Taking someone for granted is when there is no appreciation for the other person and you don’t believe they contribute to your life. Nobody wants to feel like an accessory, everyone wants to feel wanted, and wants to feel like they are appreciated. Express gratitude for your partner in a way that speaks to them, whether it be by giving gifts, words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, or physical touch. Every person has their specific love language and it is important to know what your partnersare, as well as letting them know what yours are.

Living in our fast-paced world with limited time and building stress can break down communication and cause strain on any relationship. There are apps out there that can help reduce some of the awful habits discussed above, by setting reminders for important dates such as anniversaries and birthdays. Apps like Cuelendar can help you select a gift that can be delivered to your door or even assist you in planning a date. The app helps take the stress away from remembering the important things and allows you to do the most important thing, which is to spend quality time with your partner.

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