Cute Nicknames to Call Your Partner

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Nothing marks the progression of a relationship like the development of a nickname for your partner. It is a time-honored tradition to call your partner by a pet name, usually such a name reflects an aspect of their personality. There are hundreds of names to choose from and you don’t have to choose only one to call your partner. Some names can be used in public, while others are left to be used in more intimate settings. The name you choose should make your partner feel wanted, funny, or romantic and should not be used for teasing. Nicknames are a gesture of love and are used to show your affection for the other person.

There are a few several types of nicknames that can be used, and most are based on the gender of your partner, like princess. Other nicknames that are used in relationships refer to the couple as a set, such as Batman and Robin, salt-n-pepper, or thunder and lightning. While others are more romantic and denote completion of one another for example, my other half or my soul mate. Some couples choose to go with a collection of pet names that tend to be more cheesy and sweet. Such names include: blossom butt, dork, honey bun, puppy, or even McDreamy or McSteamy made famous by the show Grey’s Anatomy.

Here are a few of our favourite nicknames to call your significant other:


By using love as a nickname your stating that you not only are in love with this person, but you are comfortable in that love. This is just one step below wifey or mister and it is a wonderful place to be.


This one is for the gents and it is not only a term of endearment, but it is also a compliment all wrapped in one! Other terms like this can be gorgeous or beautiful which can be used for both genders so don’t limit yourself on your pet names.


This is a classic that has been and will always be the perfect nickname for your partner. It works in every type of environment from a Sunday brunch with their parents, to right before you apologize for saying something silly. Honey describes your partner as the one thing that is sweet in your life that you can’t live without.

Nicknames can and will leave an impression on your partner so make sure you chose a good one! Be creative in what you come up, because it will have a lot of meaning to it. Listen to your partner, if they say they don’t like the nickname, don’t push it. There are hundreds of others out there to choose from, you can find it here.

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